XLCARS imports exclusive high level quality cars mainly from Germany. XLCARS only deals with vehicles that conform to all the local regulatory standards no matter what country you live in. Impeccable condition vehicles with guaranteed low mileage. We specialize in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini makes of all models… all you need to do is ask XLCARS to find it for you.


Anyone can import a car from abroad so why choose XLCARS?

XLCARS prides itself in being able to advise its customers to ensure that all their customers only get exactly what they actually want. They ensure that the customer gets more than when dealing with a traditional car dealer, and order fully customizable cars at the request of the customer, thus providing totally unbeatable value for money. MORE FOR LESS. XLCARS make using them an easy choice.

XLCARS ensures all the relevant paperwork and taxes are sorted out and dealt with so that you do not have to be involved in anything but dreaming of the dream car arriving at the doorstep.

Give XLCARS a call to discuss the car you want.